Positivity Springs Happiness…

Positivity Springs Happiness…

Life has enough to offer us. Rough with smooth; negative with positive; doom with boom; and all that is not in our hands. In these unprecedented times of corona, it is absolutely normal to have negative thoughts in our minds, and all of us have this one day or the other.

But then we have to illuminate positivity around us. Take the first step to make a CONSCIOUS EFFORT, thrive and find the best way to move forward. I know it’s better said than done, but why not give it a try. The foremost thing is to ACCEPT THE SITUATION!

Accepting the present scenario is a giant leap forward towards positivity as it brings control over how we react to the situation. So, ultimately our attitude to deal with the situation changes and instead of cribbing and finding faults, we take wise measures to track or push up life.

Initially, it may be a conscious effort, but gradually our minds reprogram, and positive thinking becomes a habit. We start finding solutions to our problems.

The second step is to understand that we have a rational reaction to the crisis. In some way or the other, we may not be over-reacting to the situation. But at the same time, we should not forget that Corona Virus is real and contagious. We have to be cautious and take all necessary precautions.

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The next step forward is to give time to focus on things you had no time for earlier. Remember, every challenging situation offers you an opportunity to beat yourself, to be better and independent.

To cultivate and reconfigure your relationships, call your neighbour, drop a mail to your school friend, appreciate your family and people around you and your appreciation is always expressed in your connection.

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Be thankful for others and help whom so ever you can. These little acts of connection contribute to Life Satisfaction and draw a balance between your negative and positive.

Our brain is NEUROPLASTIC, i.e. it can change in response to our thinking, so let’s unlock the potential power of love, happiness, gratitude, and contentment in our subconscious mind ….Be thankful for what you have …………        

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Written By:-
Dr. Shalini Kapoor
Department of Periodontology
Faculty of Dental Sciences
SGT University

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