The Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology is concerned with the diagnosis and optimum oral health care of patients along with nonsurgical management of medically related disorders affecting the oral and maxillofacial region.

The Department recognizes the interaction of oral and systematic health, investigation of the etiology and treatment of oral diseases through basic science and clinical research, research, teaching and patient care, provision of care for medically complex patients and for those undergoing cancer therapy, prevention and management of salivary gland diseases, Orofacial pain and other neuro-sensory disorders and disorders of the oral mucosa membrane.

The Department deals with Spreading awareness and motivation, Early disease detection, Personalized patient care And Holistic treatment approach.

The department provides Treatment of oral diseases by Medical management, chemo prophylactic treatments of Oral Precancers, Adjuvant modalities like Lasers, Ultrasonotherapy, & TENS, in precancers, TMD etc

Continued education programs, workshops, guest lectures, yearly observation of World Radiology Day & No Tobacco Day keep the department updated to national & international developments in the speciality.


UG Clinic

Under graduate section has twelve electronic dental chairs. Third year and final year clinical training programme is carried out in the UG clinic along with theoretical teaching of the subject. Students are trained in professional case history recording, formulation of prompt diagnosis and planning management of dental and oral diseases. Hands on experience in pulp vitality testing, chairside investigations like aspiration, making histological smears for the diagnosis, making and interpretation of radiographs is imparted. A special training in recognizing and diagnosing cases of potentially malignancy, TM disorders and facial pain, salivary gland diseases and dental anomalies is undertaken.

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PG Clinic

Post graduate section has twenty electronic fully equipped dental chairs. Postgraduate training includes an overall development of skills in Diagnosis of Oral & Maxillofacial pathologies, Chairside & Radiographic diagnostic procedures & reporting, Forensic odontology methods, treatment planning & treatment, Research methods, Writing Scientific manuscripts, critical evaluation of scientific literature, evidence based learning, presentations at national level conferences.

Post graduate students are trained in various specialized diagnostic procedures like cancer screening, orofacial pain management, Temporomandibular Disorders, tobacco cessation and biopsies. They are also trained in diagnosing and treating various orofacial pathologies, orofacial syndromes, oral manifestations in systemic diseases and medically compromised patients. The post graduates are trained in radiographing and interpreting various maxillofacial lesions, TMJ pathologies and salivary gland pathologies by 2D & 3D imaging. Post graduates are exposed to an integrated learning by active participation in peripheral postings like radiodiagnosis, oncology, dermatology and general medicine. PGs are also trained in researching, pedagogy and scientific paper presentations and publications at national and international level.

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Seminar Room

The seminar room is equipped with all the modern equipments like projector, screen, digital scanner and printer. Regular brainstorming sessions with topics ranging from basic to clinical are held for the faculty and postgraduate students in the seminar room. The seminar room has facilities of internet browsing to aid in evidence based learning.



The services offered at the Tobacco cessation clinic include individual intervention in the form of behavioral counseling, medication, and nicotine replacement therapy. The clinic also intend to create awareness among the general public about the negative effects of tobacco and about tobacco cessation through awareness programs, exhibitions training programs on tobacco cessation for various professionals, and information booklets and manuals aimed at specific groups of the population.



The TMJ clinic is equipped with various physical therapies like Muscle stimulator, Ultrasonic therapy and Trans-cutaneous electric nerve stimulation (TENS) to manage the different types of Temporo-mandibular disorders. The clinic provides Psychosocial and behavioral interventions along with medications to the patients.


The radiology section is equipped for performance and interpretation of diagnostic imaging used for examining the craniofacial, dental and adjacent structures of patients.


The intra oral radiology section has 4 modern, RVG compatible IOPA radiography machines where different types of conventional & Digital intraoral radiographs like Peri-apical (IOPA) views, Bitewing views, Occlusal views, Full mouth surveys are done and interpreted by both UG and PG students under the guidance of faculty members posted.


The extra oral radiology section is equipped with both manual and digital Panoramic machines with Lateral Cephalograms, general X-ray machines (100 mA), advanced high resolution work stations, Medical grade film printers and fully automatic film processors. Preclinical & clinical training of Postgraduates to perform and interpret various intra & extraoral, Panoramic, cranio-facial radiographs, under the guidance of faculty members.

Additional Training in UltraSonoGraphy, CT, MRI and DEXA scan is rendered by collaborating with the Radiology department in SGT medical hospital in the same campus where the PG students have mandatory postings to have a hands on experience and better understanding of these advanced imaging modalities.