MBBS | Human-Anatomy | Syllabus | General Anatomy

S.No Topic Domain Time (in hours) Theory and Practical
Must Know Desirable to Know Nice to know
1 Introduction to Anatomy Anatomical subdivisions History of anatomy 2
2 Anatomical terminology The position of the body; Anatomical planes;

Term used in Gross Anatomy; Terms used in Embryology;

Terms related to limbs, hollow organs and solid organs;

Terms used for indicating the side and describing the muscle & movements

3 Cells & Tissues Structure and function of cell, cell organelles

Typesof tissues with the examples & function

Cell division, cell cycle,

cell junctions

Apoptosis 2
4 Skin & fascia Introduction,Structure and functions

Superficial Fascia:  Distribution of fat,functions.

Deep Fascia: Features, modifications, functions.

Skin appendages


5 Bones Definition, Classification and functions of bone;

Parts, types of epiphyses, Ossification, Blood supply of long bone, Applied Anatomy

Cartilage – Definition, types, structure, distribution, nutrition.


Development and growth

Bone: Growth of individual  bone and

factors influencing them

6 Joints Classification,synovial joints in detail,

Blood supply & nerve supply. Applied Anatomy

Movements and mechanism Kinesiology 2
7 Muscular system Definition and Classification, Skeletal muscle in detail, Functional classification, Prime movers, Fixators, Antagonists, Synergists

Applied Anatomy

Ultrastructure of muscle Muscle contraction 3
8 CVS Classification and structure of blood vessels

Applied Anatomy



9 Lymphatic system Lymph vessels, Lymphoid tissue

Applied Anatomy

Circulating lymphocytes –

T and B lymphocytes

Immunoglobulins 2
10 Nervous system Classification of nervous system, Cell in the nervous system,

Structure of a neuron, Structure of a typical  spinal nerve

Applied Anatomy

Myelin sheath Synapses,

Neuromuscular junctions

11 Genetics Chromosomes, Genes, laws of inheritance, Karyotyping

chromosomal aberrations, Downs, Turners , Klinefelters syndromes

Prenatal diagnosis. Genetic counselling 3