MBBS | Human-Anatomy | Syllabus | Histology

S.No Topic Domain Time (in hours) Theory &


Must Know Desirable to Know Nice to Know
1 Cell & microscope Cell structure & organelles;

Microscope:  Parts, Magnification, resolution,

Cell membrane permeability and membrane transport Cytoskeleton of cell, cytoplasmic inclusions Electron microscope 3
2 Epithelium Definition,Classification, Structure of various types & subtypes of epithelia with example and functional correlation; Surface modifications,

basal regions of cells

Surface of cells : junctional complex, 8
3 Connective tissue

& gland


Cells, fibrous component andground substance with functional correlation

Classification of glands, with example

4 Cartilage Characterstic, Types, Perichondrium, matrix, cells and functions correlation 3
5 Bone Characterstic, types, microarchitecture, matrix, cells and functions correlation

Developing bone, Ossification

6 Muscle tissue Characterstic, types, longitudinal and transverse sections of

skeletal, smooth, Cardiac muscle, and functions correlation

Ultrastructure of three types of muscle 3
7 Nervous tissue Peripheral nerve T.S, Spinal cord (SC) – T.S,

cerebral and cerebellar cortex


Peripheral nerve L.S SC:  Anterior horn

Dorsal root and

Sympathetic ganglion

8 Circulatory system Types and structural plan of arteries; capillaries, veins with functional correlation.T.S of elastic, muscular artery and vein Arteriole & capillaries. Vasa vasorum 3
9 Immune system Lymphoid organs; spleen, thymus, tonsil, lymphnode Functional correlation Cells of immune system, types of immuneresponses 3
10 Integumentery  system Skin : thick and thin, structure, Various cells.


Derivatives & appendages of skin. Functional correlation  


11 Tongue,

Salivary glands

Epithelium, papillae, taste buds, muscles, other structures

Salivary glands – Classification and Structure

Functional correlation


Lips, Tooth,


12 Esophagus& stomach General plan of digestive system : an overview

Esophagus, Stomach–fundus and body, pylorus

Gastro-esophageal junction

Functional correlation

Pyloro-duodenal junction 3
S.No Topic Domain Time (in hours) Theory &


Must Know Desirable to Know Nice to Know
13 Small intestine Duodenum; Jejunum; Ileum Surface modifications with functional correlation


Ultrastructure of microvilli with functional correlation. Paneth&enteroendocrine cells 4
14 Large intestine Colon,Appendix, Rectum, Anal canal, Functionalcorrelation

Ano-rectal junction

15 Accessory digestive organs Liver, Pancreas and Gall bladder Functionalcorrelation


16 Respiratory system Trachea, Lung Epiglottis Olfactory epithelium Bronchi, Clara cells,

Cells of lung alveoli

17 Excretory system Kidney; Ureter & Urinary bladder Functional correlation 3
18 Endocrine system Hypophysis – Adenohypophysis, Neurohypophysis;

Thyroid, Parathyroid, Adrenal gland

Functional correlation  


19 Male reproductive organ Testes , epididymis, vas deferens Accessory Reproductive organs : prostate gland, Penis Seminal Vesicles, Bulbourethral gland 6
20 Female reproductive organ Overview of female reproductive system, Ovary,uterine tube,

Uterus : proliferative, secretory and menstrual phase


Cervix with squamo-

columnar junction,

Vagina, Placenta,

Mammary gland :

Inactive & lactating

21 Special senses Layers of retina, Eyelid, cornea, Inner ear 3