MBBS | Human-Anatomy | Syllabus | Thorax

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Theory & Practical

Must Know Desirable to Know Nice to Know
1 Introduction to thorax Bony landmarks, surface landmark, cutaneous vessels & nerves 3
2 Osteology Sternum,  thoracic vertebra, ribs

(Identification, parts; articulations; muscle attachments), applied aspect

Curvatures of vertebral column Sternal puncture, cervical rib 14
3 Thoracic wall Thoracic cage -boundaries, contents with applied aspects

Intercostal space – muscles, vessels & nerves, typical intercostal nerve, applied aspect


Thoracic sympathetic trunk Thoracic inlet syndrome 4
4 Diaphragm


In detail including major & minor openings, applied anatomy Types , mechanism of respiration, muscles causing respiration Applied aspect of respiratory movements 1
5 Mediastinum Divisions and major contents Mediastinal syndrome, Mediastinitis 1
6 Pleura Layers, reflections, recesses, innervations, applied aspect Lymphatic drainage Pulmonary ligament 1
7 Lungs Gross features with special emphasis onbronchopulmonary segments,

relations, blood supply, innervations, Applied aspect

lymphatic drainage,

Pleural tap

8 Pericardium Layers, pericardial sinuses, blood supply, innervations, Applied aspect Anatomical basis of referred pain Pericardial tamponade, aspiration of pericardial fluid 1
9 Heart Anatomical position, Gross features, interior of all chambers of heart, blood supply, innervations, Applied aspect


Collateral circulation. Cardiac plexus, Skeleton &conducting system of heart 7
10 Azygos vein, SVC, aorta & pulmonary trunk Course, relations, branches / tributaries, applied aspect Hemiazygos& accessory hemiazygos vein 1
11 Thoracic  duct & trachea Course, relations, tributaries and applied aspect Trachea esophageal fistula Tracheostomy 1
12 Oesophagus Course, constrictions, blood supply, innervation and applied aspect Relations 1
13 Radiographic anatomy Chest X-Ray P-A view A-P view, Diagnosis of cardiomegaly 2