Dental Traumatic Injuries – It’s an emergency!

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Traumatic dental injuries can occur in people of all age groups. Males are more prone to injuries as compared to females. The reason for these injuries varies according to age group. However, a higher incidence of injuries is observed in children, especially between the age group of 7-10 years.

A common reason for traumatic dental injuries between the age group of 0-9 years is falling. The common reasons for children between 10-18 years of an age change to road traffic accidents, fights, and sports injuries.

An athlete is said to have 10% more chances of suffering an orofacial injury. These injuries mainly involve the upper lip, maxilla and maxillary incisors. The incisors are observed to be more prone to injury because of their anatomical position.

Other injuries that can occur outdoors are soft tissue injuries like abrasions, contusions, and lacerations during both contact and non-contact sports. These usually occur over a bony prominence such as cheeks and chin.

The paediatric dentist’s role in managing these traumatic injuries is bidirectional in children, i.e. both preventing and managing these injuries.

Paediatric dentists can achieve this with the help of multimedia methods such as the ‘ToothSOS‘ app. This app has been developed by the International Association of Dental Traumatology and provides information about the prevention and emergency management of dental injuries. Along with this, ‘Save Your Tooth Poster’ can be used to provide information about the management of knocked-out teeth. However, the best management involves a must urgent visit to the dental office post-injury.

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