Prosthodontic options for Mucormycosis Patient Rehabilitation

Mucormycosis Patient Rehabilitation

Mucormycosis is a form of fungal infection that is invasive and rapidly progressive and involves the maxillofacial structures such as the nose, maxillary sinus, orbital region, and other associated structures leading to a very high mortality rate disfigurement.

The aetiology of Mucormycosis is a compromised immune system of the individual, which may be due to chronic systemic diseases such as uncontrolled Diabetes mellitus, Leukaemia, long-term use of steroids etc.

Acute surgical resection is performed that involves the resection of the affected maxillofacial structures such as orbit, maxilla, or nose in such conditions.

The rehabilitation of a Mucormycosis case is highly challenging for the clinician or maxillofacial prosthodontist. There are very few facial structures left for gaining retention for the prosthesis due to scarred soft tissues and missing anatomical landmarks such as the posterior palatal seal area.

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Most of the time, there is just unsupported soft tissue covering a hollow cavity, leading to compromised treatment of such patients.

The various options for rehabilitation for such patients include removable prosthesis such as an obturator which can be a surgical or definitive obturator with or without a bulb.

It can also be a partial cast denture supported obturator prosthesis. Under the fixed category, we can replace the lost part of the maxillofacial structures with the help of dental implants, which may be of several types like endosseous root form implants, zygomatic implants, pterygoid implants etc.

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Since many maxillofacial structures are missing, zygomatic implants are an excellent option for fixed rehabilitation of Mucormycosis patients.

It restores the patient to normal function and appearance and gives a psychological boost to the patient’s emotional state. These patients require extra attention, patience, care and empathy from the clinician’s perspective as they have already gone through a lot of pain and trauma during recovering from such a devastating illness, and it’s the duty of the treating clinician to get them back to their normal function and life.

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Written By:-
Dr. Bhupender Yadav
Department of Prosthodontics
Faculty of Dental Sciences
SGT University

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