RURAL ORAL HEALTH PROGRAMME Department of Public Health Dentistry Faculty of Dental Sciences

The Department of Public Health Dentistry of Faculty of Dental Sciences, SGT University organized an oral health screening and treatment program on 29th December 2021 at Patuda village, Hailey Mandi in collaboration with Publicity Team SGTU. The Dental team was headed by Dr. Charu Khurana (Senior Lecturer Department of Public Health Dentistry) along with 3 Postgraduates Dr. Kevin (Periodontology), Dr. Ankit (Oral Surgery), and Dr. Bhavesh (Prosthodontics) and 4 Interns (Sonia, Tanu, Vasvi and Vidhi) and 2 Attendants Sunil and Rajkumar. During the outreach activity, 69 patients were examined out of which 13 were provided dental treatment in the mobile dental van which 13 scaling/oral prophylaxis. Patients who required complex dental treatment were referred to SGT University for further procedures. Oral health education was imparted to the people and proper brushing technique was demonstrated to all. The villagers expressed gratitude for our visit and pledged to take care of their oral hygiene habits in order to support the department’s motto of ‘Preventing & Promoting Oral Health through Organised Community Efforts’.





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