Diabetes Can Make Tooth Extraction Troublesome, But Not Impossible

Diabetes Can Make Tooth Extraction Troublesome, But Not Impossible

Diabetes mellitus (DM) is one of the most frequently encountered medical conditions that an Oral Surgeon faces. Its clinical implications vary from acute intra-operative medical complications, and the severity can range from risk to patient’s life if an immediate intervention has not been started on time. DM is of two types based on impaired action or impaired insulin secretion. It may be both as well.

DM can be classified into four major types based on aetiology, but most frequently encountered are type I (4-11%) and type II (89%). 

As per American Diabetes Association, 2019, a patient is diagnosed with DM if fasting blood glucose is≥125 mg/dl or random blood glucose ≥195 mg/dl along with the presence of diabetes symptoms. 

However, HbA1c level is performed to check diabetic control over three months, and in cases of a diabetic patient, HbA1C ≥ 6.5%. For tooth extraction, the acceptable value of safe blood glucose levels is fasting at 145-180mg/dl and 2 hours after meal 181-234 mg/dl.

One of the most important consequences of DM is slow wound healing. This can have a severe effect on the body and treatment outcome after extraction, leading to delayed wound healing or sometimes dry socket formation.

That kind of post-operative complication is higher if a patient’s diabetes is not under control. Patients managing their blood sugar with proper medication, diet, and exercise have fewer chances of delayed wound healing after extraction.

We can conclude that if a patient has diabetes and blood sugar is under control, then as per literature, the chances of development of post-operative complications after extraction are less than 5%.

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Written By:-
Dr. Jitender Kumar Phogat,
Dept. of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Faculty of Dental Sciences
SGT University

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