MDS Dental – Master of Dental Surgery: All You Need to Know

MDS Dental stands for Master of Dental Surgery, which is a postgraduate degree course in the field of dental surgery. MDS Dental is a recognized degree course in dentistry and is offered by several dental colleges across India. In this article, we will cover all the important aspects of MDS Dental, including the full form of MDS, eligibility criteria, entrance exams, and more.

What is MDS Dental?

MDS Dental is a postgraduate course in dental surgery that focuses on advanced clinical skills and oral medicine. The course duration is usually three years and is designed to provide students with specialized knowledge and skills in various dental procedures. MDS Dental is a highly sought-after degree course and is recognized by the Dental Council of India. The full form of MDS in dental is Master of Dental Surgery.

Eligibility Criteria for MDS Dental

To be eligible for MDS Dental, candidates must have completed their BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) from a dental college recognized by the Dental Council of India. The minimum aggregate marks required for MDS Dental admission vary from college to college, but generally, candidates need to have secured at least 60% marks in their BDS degree. Admission to MDS courses takes place after the student has qualified for NEET. Admissions are done through centralized counseling.

Entrance Exams for MDS Dental

NEET MDS  is the common entrance examination for admission to MDS courses in India. The NBE (National Board of Examinations) conducts the NEET MDS exam, which is a computer-based test. Candidates who qualify for the NEET MDS exam can apply for MDS courses in various dental colleges across India.

Dental Council of India Recognition

MDS Dental courses offered by dental colleges recognized by the Dental Council of India are considered valid and recognized. It is important to check the recognition status of the dental college before applying for MDS Dental courses.

Best Dental University in Gurgaon

SGT University is considered one of the best dental universities in Gurgaon, offering MDS courses in various specializations. The university has state-of-the-art infrastructure, well-equipped labs, and experienced faculty, providing students with an excellent learning environment. The University is a Diamond Ranked private university according to Qs I-Gauge University rankings.

Specializations in MDS Dental

MDS Dental offers several specializations, including oral medicine and radiology, periodontology, prosthodontics, endodontics, orthodontics, and pedodontics. Candidates can choose a specialization based on their interests and career goals. The following are the MDS Dental Specializations offered by SGT University:

After completing the MDS course, candidates are awarded the Master of Dental Surgery degree by SGT Dental College.


In conclusion, MDS Dental is a recognized postgraduate course in dental surgery, providing students with advanced clinical skills and specialized knowledge in various dental procedures. NEET MDS is the common entrance exam for admission to MDS courses in India, and candidates must meet the eligibility criteria set by dental colleges and universities. SGT University is one of the best dental universities in Gurgaon, offering MDS courses in various specializations recognized by the Dental Council of India.

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